Elvarg - FaQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are donations refundable?

    All purchases made are non-refundable, when you make a donation that is it. We consider it a donation towards the server & it's on-going progression. We do not offer refunds, unless a decision is made by the management team. You can appeal a refund via Discord, however ultimately the answer is no.

  • What do donations do?

    When you make a donation to Elvarg, you're supporting the continued growth & development, while this server is a hobby for us, we do not profit, all proceeds are returned to the server for continued progression. When you make that donation, you're returned with in-game points which can be used to make a purchase from the donator store. How you spend them is at your discretion.

  • How can I donate?

    Thank you for considering to support us, while you're free to play the game without donating, if you'd like to support us please click here.